We need € 112,668 for the treatment and the flight tickets. The HSCT treatment costs $54,500 per person. As soon as we have the money together we can go to Mexico as soon as possible to be treated and to stop the disease. In the blog can you read how our crowdfunding is going and why we are continuing after the news of selective treatment in the Netherlands.

Starend naar buiten, krijgt Walter een schouderklopje van zijn zoon. ‘Kop op, ouwe’, klinkt er, terwijl de 55-jarige zijn tranen wegslikt. Nick (26) is mantelzorger van zijn vader, maar beiden zitten in hetzelfde schuitje. De controle over hun lichaam is overgenomen door een ziekte en niemand weet hoe de toekomst eruitziet.” Jeroen van der Veer  

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Story Walter

Hello, I am Walter Hazeleger, 55 years old. I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) at the age of 17. I could still paint until I was 20, after which I was rejected and I received all sorts of employment that I could do less and less well due to the various illnesses, so that I received benefits. My relationship lasted until I was 40 living with 2 children, I was so disabled that my wife and I broke up. She could no longer endure it and her private life also suffered because of my illness. I lost myself and came to live in a senior home. My son came to live with me and my daughter with her mother. After this time I unfortunately also became epileptic and my memory deteriorated.

My son makes Cannabis drops for me and they ensure that I get through the day better and can talk better, but unfortunately this is not medicine. Fortunately, I can sometimes still get a few groceries by using my mobility scooter. I would like to be treated so that I experience fewer symptoms. In addition, I take a lot of medicines that after treatment I hope to no longer need for my spasms and hopefully I will regain the feeling in my hands. I can only dream of this.

For a while I took copaxone, but the disease has always gotten worse. Unfortunately, this drug only inhibits the symptoms and does not stop the cause of the disease. My son experiences all this up close, is very involved and takes care of me every day. I am happy that he is there for me every day and would like to be treated with him, so that hopefully he will not suffer he same consequences of the disease as I did.

Story Nick

My name is Nick and I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago. As stated above, I have a father who has MS. From an early age I have been aware of what MS can do to you. I remember in my childhood (I was 6 years old) my father getting out of the car and people came to the car because they saw that he was walking badly and then they wanted to get me out of the car because they thought he was drunk . I saw him worse and worse, at first he could still ride the Spartemet (bicycle with motor) but after a while he kept falling over due to loss of balance. Unfortunately I see this as a premonition, because I know what will happen if my body continues to deteriorate. For now I don't notice much of the disease, but I would like to be treated now, so I can always be there for my father. Every day I take care of him, help him when he falls, but I'm also afraid that I might not be able to do that for much longer.

I have had several treatments including Tecfidera and Aubagio. In 2 years I have deteriorated and I now have several injuries in my brain. That's because I suffer too much from side effects of medicines. I would like to be treated abroad with my father. Then I can go with him and get healthy myself and continue to support him. It's bad enough for him that I have it now. Unfortunately, we ourselves do not have the money to receive treatment abroad.

What would we like?

We would very much like to be treated abroad, because there is no treatment plan for MS in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands it is not reimbursed by insurance, but we have read good results about this therapy. We want to be treated at Clinic aruiz in Mexico. In this link is what the therapy content of the clinic itself:


Based on stories and research, it seems that the HSCT treatment stops the MS and we can assume with good hope that the disease will no longer destroy our body. We would very much like to be able to support each other and ask for your financial support. If there is money left over, we will transfer it to other crowd funding projects for people with MS.

Link with more information over stem cell therapy for MS

My father deserves this treatment. He's been through so many bad things. If I want to stay healthy and be there for my father to take care of him I require this treatment too, so my father is not alone in his environment and we fight this journey together. We hope for your support to make our dream come true and to be treated in the hospital in order to get healthy again. Medicines are a temporary crutch but this is forever. It would really give me a positive feeling if I could always be there for my father.